Municipal Court

City HallThe Municipal Court has original jurisdiction of all criminal and civil cases arising under the City Charter, the City Code and other ordinances of the City, with power to punish violations thereof by imposing fines and penalties. The Municipal Court also has the power to assess and collect civil penalties, order and enforce by contempt abatement of nuisances, enforce subpoenas issued by the Charter, Municipal Code and other ordinances.

Court In Session

Municipal Court is in session Wednesdays at 9 a.m. in City Hall, which is located at 427 Rio Grande Pl on the 3rd Floor in Council Chambers.

Court dates must be set through the court clerk at 970-429-2680.

Judge & Court Prosecutor

Judge Brooke Peterson is the Municipal Court Judge, and the Court Prosecutor is Luisa Berne.

Court Docket

See the current court docket.

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