Security Alarm System Permits

Emergency Alarm System Permitting 

In 2022, the Aspen Police Department responded to 745 security alarm system activations. A majority of these calls were for false alarms. Responding to false alarms costs both you and the community. Please help the Aspen Police Department provide the best response by registering your security alarm system.

Title 10 of the City of Aspen Municipal Code regulates the operation of security alarm systems within the city limits of Aspen. This ordinance states that “every alarm user shall obtain an alarm user’s permit for each separate emergency alarm system”. Automatic dialers programmed to directly notify the Aspen Police Department are also regulated by this ordinance and prohibited.

All security alarm systems within the city limits must be renewed by the Aspen Police Department every year. The alarm user is ultimately responsible for notifying the Aspen Police Department of the installation of a security alarm system, changes of address, emergency contacts, canceled service, and billing information. If you have sold the property, the alarm permit cannot be transferred to the new owner. 

Alarm system camera attached to a building

The Aspen Police Department will only respond to permitted alarms within Aspen city limits. 

Please note that we will charge for false alarms. If you have defective equipment and need to have it repaired, please contact your service provider. Be sure you know how to properly use the security alarm system. Please keep your security alarm system running smoothly.

Any security alarm system that has four (4) or more false alarms within a permit year shall be subject to permit revocation, pursuant to Code 10.04.080. 

Secure Your Home

In addition to registering your security alarm system with the Aspen Police Department, we encourage you to take the following precautions to further reduce the chance of your home being burglarized: 

  • If there is a security alarm system, set it every time the property is left unattended.
  • Properly train all users, including relatives, children, visitors, and babysitters, on how to operate the alarm system.
  • Secure doors and windows before turning on the alarm system.
  • Inform the monitoring center of new passcodes and arming codes, and new or removed authorized users.
  • Service and maintain the system, including batteries, properly and regularly.
  • Ask your alarm company to contact you first if your alarm is activated. You can then decide if you want us to respond.
  • Have your alarm company provide your permit number to our dispatch when requesting a police response to your address.
  • Update security alarm systems and add second-floor motion sensors and glass break sensors to areas with large windows or glass doors.
  • Install an audible alarm loud enough not only to cause discomfort to someone inside the home but also easily heard outside by neighbors. 
  • Add a second siren near a soffit vent in your attic area. 
  • If you use camera systems capable of sending motion notifications to your smartphone, ensure that they are set up. 
  • When you leave your home, make it appear occupied by leaving on an interior light or television. Use “smart lights” to make it appear as though someone is home.
  • If away on vacation, let your neighbors know and contact your local law enforcement agency to request a home check. 
  • If you see something that doesn’t look right, call law enforcement and report it immediately.

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