Childcare Licensing

Childcare programs are regulated by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood. Licensing rules and regulations are updated frequently on this site; they also have information on complaints, Colorado Childcare Assistance, and quality improvement initiatives. They can also be reached at 800-799-5876. 

Local licensing specialists can also help f you have questions about starting a home or center: 970-945-9191 x 3068.

Three young children playing dress up. A fireman, a mailman, and a policeman

Colorado Shines

Childcare programs may choose to seek a higher level of quality; Colorado Shines evaluates how a program:
  • Supports children's health and safety
  • ensures their staff are well trained and effective
  • provides a supportive learning environment that teaches children new skills
  • helps families partner in their child's learning
  • demonstrates strong leadership and business practices.
Parents and programs can learn more or search for a program at Colorado Shines.
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