Spring Services

City of Aspen Maintenance Facility Sign


Some of the typical service provided during the spring season are the cleaning of storm drains, the grading of alleys and curbs, the application of a dust suppressant to dirt alleys, the painting of crosswalks, speed humps and bumps, centerlines and edge of road markings

Storm Drains

There is an extensive storm drain system beneath the city streets designed to collect and remove the melting snow and rainwater from the streets. Throughout the winter the curbs and gutters are cleared to allow the water to reach the storm drains. Any storm drain which has frozen over the winter is opened, as quickly as possible. Each summer the City of Aspen sweepers and flush trucks clean and flush the storm sewers in order to keep them in proper working condition. The City of Aspen takes a proactive approach to cleaning all storm sewers within the city limits.

Anytime anyone pours motor oil, anti-freeze, or trash into a storm drain, they are polluting our rivers. It is illegal to dump anything down a storm drain.

For more information, please email the Engineering Department.

Grading of Alleys

We have a crew dedicated to maintaining alleys and shoulders by replacing road base and grading to smooth the alleys. Grading of the alleys is the first step to be completed and is dependent on the weather. This process typically begins in late spring, after the spring runoff has stopped. Once all of the alleys have been graded, a dust suppressant is placed. We use Calciumligonsulfanate (tree sap), as a dust suppressant, since it is a natural and effective material. Please keep in mind it is a very sticky material. Due to the number of alleys in the City, this process can be lengthy.

Request Alley Paved

Requests to have your alley paved should go to: 

City of Aspen Engineering Department
130 S Galena
Aspen, CO 81611 

Phone: 970-920-5080
Email Engineering


Each spring the Street Department reviews and addresses the dirt shoulders which have eroded over the year. We typically wait for the spring runoff to have stopped before starting the work. Please contact us with any concerns at 970-920-5130 or email Streets.

Speed Hump / Bumps / Tables

Requests to get a speed hump, bumps, or tables on your street should be mailed to: City of Aspen Engineering Department
130 S Galena
Aspen, CO 81611 

Phone: 970-920-5080
Email Engineering Department


Crosswalks within the city limits are painted each spring, with a general goal of having the crosswalks completed by mid June. Please keep in mind that Hwy 82 /Main St is a state highway maintained by CDOT. This work requires the cooperation of the weather. For new crosswalk requests contact:

Engineering Department
130 S Galena
Aspen, CO 81611

Phone: 970-920-5080
Email the Engineering Department

Centerline & Edge of Road Striping

Street striping includes centerlines and lane lines on City Streets and is done each spring. Crews usually work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please keep in mind that Highway 82 / Main Street is a state highway maintained by CDOT.

If you would like to report any issues with roadway paint or city signs you may contact the Street Department at 970-920-5130 or email Streets.