Black Out Dates

The calendar of events for Parks and City Owned Facilities includes certain blackout dates (June 15th - 1st week of August) each year. These dates were chosen for the blackout period because they are the busiest occupancy time for Aspen, and there are currently historical events on the calendar that use the parks during this time. Due to existing heavy use during this time, staff feels that additional use should be limited so that the parks can be used for general public enjoyment. If a user group highly desires to host a special event during the blackout period, staff has the option to approve the event at double the cost, provided the event does not negatively impact park health.

Major holidays are non-negotiable blackout dates as well since the town is already at maximum capacity on these dates and cannot absorb further use. In addition, all holidays will be event free except for the 4th of July.

All current park special events and long standing community events (Ducky Derby, Motherlode...etc.) are grandfathered in, however, staff retains the right to rotate parks as they see fit.

Parks staff has the authority to give priority status to short-term (defined as lasting two days of less, including setup/breakdown), local events in regards to determining scheduling and location within facilities and parks.

Priority will also be given to community events involving locals gathering together in enjoyment of the parks as opposed to corporate-sponsored events. Events that are good for the community, or have a community benefit, or a community health impact would also receive higher priority.

Staff is in charge of determining which events best meet the public's needs, which parks work best for an event, and how to best protect the sustainability of each park.