Street Smart

green letters on white background that says street smart with city of aspen leaf

Be Safe. Be Seen. Be Predictable. Be Street Smart. 

We’re all in this together when it comes to keeping our streets, trails, and paths safe for traveling residents and visitors. Whether you’re biking, walking, rolling, or driving, these Street Smart tips and tricks will keep you on the right path to get from point A to B smoothly, safely, and enjoyably. 

  1. Pedestrians
  2. Cyclists
  3. Drivers

Be Safe 

  • Be aware of all traffic lanes when you cross the street. 
  • Wait for vehicles to stop completely before stepping into traffic. 
  • Watch for vehicles turning, backing up, or opening doors.
  • Consider various weather conditions that affect visibility or the ability to stop. 

Be Seen

  • Wear bright/reflective clothing.
  • Carry a light or reflector at night.
  • Cross at crosswalks and use crosswalk signals if accessible.

Be Predictable

  • Cross only at marked or signaled crosswalks. Use crosswalk signals if accessible.
  • Establish eye contact with drivers before entering a crosswalk.
  • Use sidewalks where provided.
  • Face oncoming traffic when sidewalks are not provided.

yellow pedestrian rapid flash beacon
green and white pedestrian bike way sign
white bike path sign on asphalt road
yellow and blue sign on lamp post in pedestrian mall informing bikers to walk bikes
two parks and open space employees standing next to bikes and holding bike bells
white crosswalk with the green aspen mountain in the background