Utilities Permitting

Beginning January 1, 2024, UTWC sub-permits are no longer required for every permit with a scope of work that includes adding, changing, or removing plumbing fixtures. 

Any/all project(s) that propose to add, change, or remove plumbing fixtures will be required to complete both an Engineering-Water and a Utilities Review on the building permit before it will be issued. 

Please be advised that the Engineering-Water Review must be completed before the Utilities Review can be started. 

Additional Information:

For additional background, the Engineering-Water Review will use the completed ECU Calculator—which includes the Outdoor Water Budget Worksheet—and Architectural plans to count the proposed number of water fixtures by type and assign the corresponding Equivalent Capacity Unit (ECU) rating of those fixtures.  ECU or monetary credit for existing water fixtures will then be applied against the proposed fixture count/ECU rating as described in the City of Aspen (CoA) Municipal Code Section 25.12.070(c) to determine any Utility Investment Charges (aka “tap fees”) due for the project.  The ECU rating and tap fees due will then be shown on a Review Utility Connection Permit (UCP) packet.  A Review UCP packet will be provided to Applicant upon completion of the Engineering Water Review.   

The Utilities Review can only begin after the Review UCP packet is provided by the Engineering Water Review.  The Utilities Review process exists to confirm that the Review UCP packet is returned to the City with the Property Owner’s notarized signature. The Utility Investment Charges (aka “tap” fees) shown on the UCP will then be payable by the Applicant.  For expedited service once permit moves to “Ready for Issue” status, payment of these fees through Salesforce software’s cart is recommended.  Payment can also be made at the Community Development window in City Hall.


Questions regarding fixture counts, ECU Calculators, and/or general water fixture-related plans review should be directed to the Engineering Water Review group at (970) 920-5080.   

Questions regarding the broader Utilities Permitting process should be directed to the Utilities Department at (970) 920-5110.