Health and Human Services

The City of Aspen strives to be a healthy and resilient community by supporting a comprehensive system of accessible mental and physical health care, human services, and community resources.

Pilot Grant: 2023 Health & Human Services Capacity Building Grant

Budget: $75,000

Grant Timeline: June 2023 to December 2023 with a Celebration and Project Presentation. 

Participating Organizations: Alpine Legal Services, Great Expectations, WindWalkers

This one-year pilot program, approved by City Council, is intended to assist eligible HHS nonprofits with identifying and addressing organizational needs and capacity building opportunities for achieving the greatest long-term community impact. This grant, through an intensive six-month collaborative cohort, is intended to help participants address their long-term organizational needs in areas such as operational improvements, governance improvements, strategic planning, fund development and coalition building. 

2022 Inflation Relief Grant

Budget: $800,000                                                                                                     

Awarded Organizations: Early Learning Center, Preschool of the Arts, Aspen Mountain Tots, A Way Out, Alpine Legal Services, Aspen Family Connections, Buddy Program, HeadQuarters - Aspen Strong, Bridging Bionics, Callies BAckyard, Catholic Charities, Community HEalth Services, Family Visitor Program, LiftUp, Mountain Valley Development Services, Planned Parenthood, Recovery Recourses, Response, The Meeting Place, YouthZone

This direct, substantial, and one-time monetary grant approved by City Council, is intended to ensure that the most affected organizations can continue to provide essential services to the Aspen community.  Staff believes a one-time grant will be sufficient to maintain normal levels of service in the short-term and provide the runway necessary to adapt operations for long-term sustainability in this new, inflationary environment.