Summer Services

City of Aspen Maintenance Facility Sign

Street Signs

Each spring the Street Department reviews the street signs within the city limits, excluding highway 82 which is maintained by CDOT, for maintenance. This includes replacing faded or discolored signs and repairing signs damaged over the winter season. This is an important part of the Street Departments responsibilities.

Report Any Damaged or Missing Signs

To report any damaged or missing signs call to 970-920-5130 or email the Street Department.

Sweeping & Flushing

Keeping our streets clean is one of our goals. The sand and grit left over from the winter sanding contributes to our PM 10 levels. By keeping the streets clean, we can reduce our PM 10 levels. Please keep in mind parking restrictions may apply, streets and parking lots may be signed "No Parking" 72 hours in advance of work and cars parked illegally may be towed at the owners' expense.

Street cleaning usually begins once the weather clears enough to allow access to the streets. The flush truck is used as early in the season as possible to help reduce the amount of dust in the air, remove the dirt from the streets to allow for the timely painting of crosswalks and striping of the streets.

Basic Sweeping Schedule

The basic sweeping schedule is:

  • Monday: Core, Highway, Smuggler and East End
  • Tuesday: Core, Highway, South side and South Hills
  • Wednesday: Core, Highway and West End
  • Thursday: Core, Highway and Cemetery Lane area, Maroon Creek, Castle Creek, ARC, Burlingam, Water Place


We strive to repair any pothole within the city limits as quickly as possible. If you find a pothole, call us with the exact location. Please keep in mind the asphalt pavement on Main Street is a State Highway and it is maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation. To report a pothole within the city, please call 970-920-5130, or submit an online request.