The Aspen Police Department provides fingerprinting services on Wednesdays by appointment only. Schedule your appointment via our online form. Please note that you will not receive any physical fingerprint cards. When you register for your appointment, you will be guided through the following pre-enrollment prompts:

  • Enter the Service Code your employer/agent provided and click “GO.” Find your Colorado Service Code on this list.
  • Select “Schedule or Manage Appointment”.
  • Enter your Essential Information.
    • Use your legal name as it appeared on your identification documents.
    • Required Information is noted with an *.
    • Once all information is entered, click “Next.”
  • Enter Facility
    • Either enter CBI Account Number or Search by city and name
    • Select the correct account and click “Next.”
  • Enter Citizenship
    • Once all information is entered, click “Next.”
  • Answer questions on Personal Questions
    • Once all questions have been answered, click “Next”.
  • Enter Personal Information
    • Required information is notated with an *.
    • Once all information is entered, click “Next.”
  • Enter Address
    • Once the mailing address is entered, click “Next”.
  •  Select the Identification Document you will bring to the appointment.
    • Identification Document must be a valid (not-expired) photo ID.
    •  Examples of valid IDs: Passport, State issued driver's license, Military ID, etc.
    • Once the type of ID is selected and the question is answered, click “Next”.
  • Select the location for the appointment.
    • You can search by city, state, or ZIP code.
    • Once a location has been selected, click “Next”.
  • Select Date and Time for the appointment
    • Once a date and time have been selected, click “Next.”
  • After submitting, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Read the page carefully. It includes your registration number, important information about identification documentation that must be present at the appointment, and the amount due for the service.

Payment is due at the time of service. 

We accept credit cards, business checks, or money orders. To run credit cards, the cardholder must be present. We cannot accept cash.

You may also call the Identogo Customer Service Center at 1-844-539-5539 for enrollment help.