Building Department Document and Resource Library

This page is intended to provide the applicant with checklists and links for the documents that are required to upload to a Building Permit Application in Salesforce. Additional building department resources and contact information for other review departments can be found toward the bottom of the page.

See below for general checklists and our alteration & submittal guides: 

Building Permit Applications

The following documents must be uploaded with every building permit application submission in Salesforce:

Construction Mitigation Plan depending on the amount of work area proposed

IF you are adding, removing, or swapping water fixtures

IF you are making changes to the exterior of a building: 

IF you are disturbing more than 200 sq ft of soil

IF you are adding or making changes to snowmelt, hot tubs, outdoor heating, fireplaces, heat tape

IF you are adding or replacing a wood-burning fireplace, gas fireplace or gas appliance

IF you are removing, moving, or replacing walls, columns, support beams OR creating doors, windows, or additional structures: 

  • Structural stamps or a letter of engagement from a structural engineer. 

IF you are disturbing more than 1000 sq ft of soil and this is more than 25% of the parcel OR you are proposing more than 50% increase in water usage for the site: 

Compiled Supplemental Permit Documents

Here is a repository of checklists, guides, & documents that may be required to be uploaded with your building permit application submission in Salesforce. If you are unsure which documents are needed, you may contact Building Support to help estimate your document requirements. 

Zoning Requirement Examples

Additional Building Department Resources

The following resources are intended to assist applicants in preparing complete and compliant building permit application submissions.

Links to Other Departments

Depending upon the scope of work, any of the following departments may be triggered alongside the Building Department as review agencies for a building permit application.