Building Permit Process

Determine if a Permit is Required

Register in Salesforce

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Submittal (Application Completeness Review):

  • Submit your permit application in Salesforce (See above for registration and assistance information). Building Support will review the application for completeness. 
  • Once the application is accepted as complete, the applicant will receive an email with total submittal fees due, instructions on how to see the fee breakdown, & options to pay. 
    • Permits Excluded from Submittal Fees: IFFR, Repair, Change Orders, Temporary Structure. 
  • If the application is deemed incomplete: Building Support will provide the applicant with a list of additional items required to complete the submittal. 

 Permit Review:

  • Once the permit application is complete and submittal fees are paid, Building Support will advance the permit to Permit Review status. 
  • The relevant City review agencies assess the permit for compliance with all applicable codes. Individual agencies will either approve the application or issue comments that must be addressed in the next round of review. 
    • Review agencies will independently send their comments to the applicant.  
    • Applicant must prepare one response to comments package that addresses the comments of all review agencies in the review round.  
    • Applicants must upload their responses in Salesforce. Applicants must notify the Building Support Specialist when they have uploaded all their re-submittal documents. 
    • The Building Support Specialist will initiate another round of review by the appropriate agencies once all comment responses have been uploaded. 
  • Once all review agencies approve the permit, the permit will move to Final Review status. The Building Manager will take a final look at the permit approvals and either mark as complete or follow up with any overlooked details. This typically happens within a week. 

Ready for Issue: 

  • Once Final Review is complete, our administrative team will move the permit to Ready for Issue status. The applicant will receive an email stating that the permit is ready to be issued and that issuance fees are due.
  • Applicant must pay all issuance fees within 180 days from the “Ready for Issue” status date or the permit will become expired. 


  • Once paid, the Applicant & Contractor will receive an emailed link containing issuance documents. 
  • Once issued, projects must be inspected every 180 days before they are considered expired. 

Fees and Valuation

Accurate estimation of fees must take into account many factors specific to individual projects and can change as projects are modified during construction. Fees calculated using the information online are rough estimates and are not to be considered final.

Please contact Building Support for assistance in estimating your fees. Staff do not recommend estimating fees on complex projects without assistance, since many project variables can affect fees.

Mitigation fees and hourly change order fees will be calculated during permit review and are not included in the Fee Estimator spreadsheet.

Building Permit Fee Estimator Tools

Fee Schedules

Permit Valuations

Many of your fees are based on the valuation of the proposed work. To learn about calculating permit valuations, please visit our additional things to know section: Permit Valuations (PDF)