Homeowner/Builder Licensing

Homeowner builders are individuals personally engaged in the construction of a single-family residence or accessory building for his or her own use. They are exempt from the requirements to have a business license and a contractor license, but must comply with requirements for homeowner/builders before applying for building permits.

Homeowner/Builder Requirements

Homeowner/builders must take a 25-question test regarding their knowledge of building requirements in the 2015 International Residential Building Code (The code version is subject to change, based on the most current adopted standard). This test helps ensure that owners are aware of the minimum code standards they must meet.

Schedule a Homeowner/Builder Test

You can schedule a test by contacting the City of Aspen Community Development Department.

Additional Requirements

  • Owners must sign an Insurance Affidavit (PDF) acknowledging responsibility for maintaining minimum levels of employee liability and public liability insurance.
  • The owner/builder cannot be issued more than one building permit for new home construction in any two-year period; this restriction does not apply to work done on the same building, (i.e., an owner may be issued more than one permit to remodel his/her home within a two-year period, but may not construct two residences within that period.)
  • The owner/builder is responsible for ensuring that all paid personnel are covered by workman’s compensation as required by state law.
  • The owner/builder must be present at the work site during all inspections unless prior arrangements have been made with the Building Department.

Qualified Construction Projects

For the purposes of this program, only buildings considered single-family residences qualify. 

The owners of condominium units are not eligible because the results of their construction efforts may directly impact the safety of adjoining units. Please reach out to our Plans Examination Manager with any questions.