Contractor Licensing

All contractor companies must have a contractor license to do work in the City of Aspen or Pitkin County. In addition, contractors doing work in Aspen must obtain a Business License.

Approved Certifications:

Prior to starting your License Application, at least one of the contractors on site of the project must hold a relevant certification as detailed in our license and certification requirements (PDF).

If you do not hold a proper certification you are required to take a B.E.S.T. Test to obtain a B.E.S.T. Card Certification. 

Processing Time:

Contractor licenses are processed within 2 business days. Once your license application is approved, you will receive an email notification to make a payment (if needed).

What if I'm an Owner wanting to build/remodel my house?

Homeowners that are undertaking their own contractor work are exempt from the licensing process, but they still must adhere to the Homeowner/Builder Requirements.

What if I'm working on a Historic Property?

All contractors working on a historic preservation project within the City of Aspen must have an active Historic Preservation Certification.

All contractors must have an active General Contractor B.E.S.T. card prior to scheduling the Historic Preservation Certification test. 

Specialty Contractor Resources

Solar/Photo Voltaic Contractors: PV System Installation & Solar Contractors Guidelines PDF