Our Mission:

To enrich Aspen's distinctive character so that it remains one of the world's premier mountain communities by:

  • Protecting the natural environment while improving water quality
  • Utilizing innovating mapping technology 
  • Enhancing the safety and connectivity of the traveling public 
  • Minimizing construction impacts for the enjoyment of residents and guests alike
  • Curating the engineering development requirements 
  1. Our Services
  2. Our team


Serving and educating the public on practices to reduce impacts of urbanization 

The City of Aspen Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program, under Engineering, is responsible for the development and maintenance of the City's geospatial platform and provides GIS support to all City departments and the community.

Traffic Engineering

Build and maintain a safe and efficient flow through the use of signage, Right-of-Way infrastructure improvements, pavement markings and signal system operations. All users including vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists are integrated in a holistic approach that weaves together the users to create a well-organized corridor. Input from both residents and visitors are an integral part in shaping the transportation needs of the community.

Provide consistent policy enforcement to both public and private construction work and effectively manage impacts associated with those projects to ensure the safety of the public