A noise ordinance sets appropriate noise levels at certain times of the day in order to reduce the impacts of noise on the community while balancing community vibrancy and activities. Aspen's noise ordinance outlines the maximum noise levels allowed during nighttime and daytime hours in each of the City's zone districts as measured in decibels (dBA): 

Noise Ordinance decibel levels

File a complaint through Aspen 311 Connect.

  1. Neighbor Noise
  2. Gas Powered Leaf Blowers
  3. Special Event Noise
  4. Construction Noise

Are you concerned about the level of noise at home or work? Follow these steps: 

  1. Talk to your neighbor before making an official complaint (this usually works best!)  
  2. Measure noise levels to determine that the noise is higher than allowed
  3.  If communication fails and your noise levels are higher than allowed, contact Environmental Health and Sustainability Department or the Aspen Police Department.  

gray, small noise meter, with buttons

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