Food Safety

image of woman completing food inspection in restaurant
image of woman completing food inspection in restaurant
image of women completing food inspection

Why is the Food Safety Program important?

  • We protect the public from foodborne illnesses through retail food establishment and childcare inspections. 
    • Retail food establishments include places like restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, food trucks, and food vendors at special events, such as the Aspen Saturday Market and Food and Wine. 
  • We set businesses up for success through permit reviews of new and extensively remodeled food establishments and temporary food vendors. 
  • We help businesses understand how to follow food safety rules and build a knowledgeable workforce through education. 

Retail Food Establishments and Temporary Vendors

Selling food to the public, including at restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, food trucks, and special events, requires a food license. 

  1. Food Establishment Plan Review
  2. Change of Ownership
  3. Temporary Food Vendors
  4. Payment Information
  5. Resources

Please complete the following application if you are constructing or remodeling a restaurant. 

Reporting suspected foodborne illness can help us identify potential outbreaks. If we can determine where you got sick, we can try to prevent the illness from spreading. There are two ways to report a suspected foodborne illness: 

  • Let us know via Aspen 311 Connect
  • Call us at 970-920-5039. Please be prepared for a 20-minute interview which includes the following questions: 
    • Your name, age, and where you live 
    • Your symptoms (when they started, how long they lasted, etc.) 
    • What and where you ate for three days before you got sick 
    • Information about other people you ate with 
    • Recent travel or recreational activities 

Questions? Contact us at, 970-920-5039