Recycle Right

Myth: My recycling is buried in the landfill.

Fact: The landfill does not trash your recyclables. Keeping recyclables out of the landfill helps the facility prolong its life and is highly encouraged by landfill staff. The solid waste center is a transfer station for our recyclables.

  1. What can I recycle?
  2. Where can I recycle?
  3. Who do I contact?
  4. What plastics can I recycle?
  5. Where can I recycle plastic bags?
  6. Electronics, Lightbulbs, Batteries

Wish-cycling is the practice of recycling items that you wish, or hope, are recyclable but are not. Putting materials in the recycling bin that are not acceptable can lead everything to be landfilled.

Only these items are accepted in single-stream recycling. If an item is not listed, it is not recyclable.

Infographic with images showing what can be recycled and what cannot

infographic showing what items from restaurant take out can be recycled and what cannot