Rio Grande Recycle Center

rio grande recycle sign at the entrance of the recycle center

The Rio Grande Recycle Center is located in Aspen on Rio Grande Place across from Obermeyer Place. The recycle center does not accept trash, single-stream recycling, or household donations.

  1. What can I recycle?
  2. Where can I donate my household items?
  3. Where can I donate food?
  1. Glass bottles 
  2. Metal scraps 
  3. Clothing, sheets, towels and shoes in good condition. No toys, stuffed animals, pillows or rags; they will be thrown out as trash.
  4. Grass and Leaves in the yard waste bin only. No branches, brush or trees. 
  5. Batteries: Only household batteries. No lead or car batteries. Please take them to the landfill for recycling. 
  6. Food: if you’re interested in composting for free in Aspen fill out this quiz. 
  7. Disposal of items including food and trash could be subject to fines and penalties. 
  8. Yard Waste: The City of Aspen’s Solid Waste Ordinance (PDF) prohibits anyone from throwing away yard waste including grass and leaves in the trash.  
    • You can recycle leaves and grass all year in designated containers at the Rio Grande Recycle Center. No plastic bags are allowed. 
    • If you are a commercial landscaper, you must take the yard waste to the Pitkin County Landfill for a fee.