Water Conservation

photo of maroon creek reservoir during the summer

  1. Where does our water come from?
  2. How to save water in Aspen

Did you know that the water coming out of your household taps and faucets was in the river 12 hours ago? Aspen takes almost all of its water from Castle Creek and Maroon Creek which are fed by how much snowpack accumulates in the surrounding mountains each year. With limited water sources and storage, the city must carefully plan around hazards such as drought, wildfires, and avalanches.

Castle Creek and Maroon Creek flow into the Roaring Fork River and eventually on to the Colorado River. As a headwaters community, it’s our responsibility to demonstrate best practices and conserve our local water supply. Learn more about Aspen's watershed.

Late summer is when our water resources are most vulnerable as snowpack and streamflow are at their lowest point. Read more about our Irrigation Assessment & Rebate Program to learn more about the significant water savings you can achieve by making your irrigation system more efficient.

image of sprinkler head spitting out water
image of garden with different colored plant during the summer
image of woman standing on top of mountain and looking at the snowy mountain vista
landscape image with red rocks and snowy mountains in the background

Looking for Drought information? Visit Aspen Drought Water.

Questions? Contact us: climate@aspen.gov