Safety and Connectivity


The City of Aspen Engineering Department plans, builds and maintains the safe and efficient flow through the use of signage, Right-of-Way infrastructure improvements, pavement markings and signal system operations. All users including vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists are integrated in a holistic approach that weaves together the users to create a well-organized corridor. Input from both residents and visitors are an integral part in shaping the transportation needs of the community.

  1. Right-of-Way
  2. Traffic Calming
  3. Traffic Signals

The Department works closely with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for all improvements within the CDOT Right-of-Way located along Main Street and Highway 82. This includes the four signal intersections, the rapid flash beacons located for pedestrian crossings and infrastructure improvements created for better flow of buses and vehicles.

The bridges located within the City of Aspen are also maintained and repaired by the department. This includes the bridges Smuggler, Neale Avenue "No Problem Joe" and Mill Street.