Estimate Your Permit Cost

​Engineering Fee Schedule

  1. Temporary Encroachment Fees:
  2. Right of Way Fees:
  3. Earth Retention (ROW) Fees:
  4. Permanent Encroachment Fees:
  5. Landscape & Grading Fees:

The fee estimates for the Temporary Encroachment Permit process are dependent on the location of your project.

Due at Submittal

  • Application Review Fee: $401.70 
    • Waived for projects that solely replace/repair sidewalks and improve pedestrian safety.
    • $74 Parks Minor Review Fee
    • Encroachments that occupy space for less than 4 hours, the Application Review Fee is only $100.00.

Due at Issuance

ROW permits for complex utility projects will also be charged an hourly review fee of $325.00/hour

Land Lease Fees

Land lease fees are triggered if the encroachment will last longer than one full day, and the project will not be reconstructing or completely repaving an alley or road.

  • In Core: $9.00 per square foot per month
  • Out of Core: $7.00 per square foot per month

($ x SF x 12 month / 365 days x # of days = Cost of Lease) 

*Fees increase by 20% for first exception granted, 30% increase for second exception granted, 40% increase for every exception granted thereafter.

Construction Parking Fees

Visit the Parking Department’s Construction & Services page for information on parking fees if your encroachment impacts any parking spaces.