Landscape & Grading Permit

In general, a Landscape Grading Permit is required for all projects that disturb an area greater than 200 sf with no proposed building structure components. A Landscape and Grading permit may also cover utility work within private property. Click on the Guidelines below to determine permit requirements. 

Landscape & Grading Permit Guidelines

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The following documents must be submitted within a Landscape Grading permit application. Click on the following links for more information. 

  1. Site Plan and Drainage Narrative or Drainage Report
    Minor Grading and Drainage Checklist 
    Major Grading and Drainage Checklist
  2. Construction Mitigation Plan
    Small Project Acknowledgement (less than 1000 sf disturbance area)
    Medium Project Checklist (1000 - 2000 sf disturbance area)
    CMP Manual (over 2000 sf disturbance area)
    Construction Hours and Restrictions 
  3. Homeowners Association Compliance Form 
    HOA Form
  4. Survey (if over 1000 sf)
    Survey Checklist

Please note that projects proposing any of the listed below, must be submitted as building permits, NOT landscape/grading:

  • Permanent retaining walls 
  • Renewable Energy Mitigation Program (REMP) 
    • Snowmelt, heat mats
    • Hot tubs, pools, spas
    • Outdoor heating, fireplaces, firepits 
    • Onsite energy sources 
  • Altered trash enclosures or receptacles 
  • Alterations to parking spaces
  • Any structure


Accurate estimation of fees must take into account many factors specific to individual projects and can change as projects are modified during construction. Please contact a Permit Coordinator at 970-920-5080 for assistance in estimating your fees.  

Due at Submittal

  • Basic Review(affected area is 200 to 500 square feet): $567.74 * 10% = $56.77
  • Minor Review (affected area is 501 to 1,000 square feet): $1,419.34 * 10% = $141.90
  • Major Review(affected area is over 1,000 square feet): $1,703.21 base +
    • $2.14 per square foot over 2,000 square feet * 10%
    • $0.103 per square foot over 15,000 square feet * 10%
  • Construction Mitigation Fees(affected area is over 400 square feet):
    • 400 to 15,000 square feet: $1.07 per square foot * 10%
    • Over 15,000 square feet: Add $0.05 per square feet * 10%

Parks Review Fee

  • $72 flat fee

Collected at Issuance

  • City Use Tax: 2.1% of half of the project valuation, minus the first $100,000
  • County Use Tax: 0.5% of half of the project valuation
  • Zoning Fee(hourly - 1 hour minimum): $325 minimum, $325 per hour for zoning review (only applies when zoning review is triggered)