Right of Way Permit

A Right Of Way (ROW) Permit is required when a project involves excavation or any type of alteration in the public right of way. ROW Permits cover items such as:

  • Installation of utility lines
  • Repairs or construction of sidewalks and driveways
  • Extensive Landscaping including hardscape in the right of way
  • Earth retention systems that extend into the right of way

Every excavation job requires a check for utility locations before work can begin. 811 is the “Call Before You Dig” number for all utilities.

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  1. ROW Application Requirements
  2. ROW Fees
  3. Permit Process for Approval

Your application must include the following documents uploaded to the Salesforce Portal

  • Site Plan (Image depicting where the excavation location) 
  • Traffic Control Plan (Stamped by a Traffic Control Supervisor) 
  • Maintenance Bond
    The required bond amount must equal the value of the work being done or a minimum of $2,500 (whichever is greater). The bond must stay active for two years post completion. An inspection will take place at that two year mark 

Please use this Maintenance Bond Template for your insurance to fill out and upload to Salesforce:

Maintenance Bond PDF Template