Land Use Process & Resources

Title 26 of the City of Aspen Municipal Code (the Land Use Code) sets out common procedures for review of all development applications, unless otherwise specifically stated. To start the development review process, email the Planner of the Day. Generally, all proposed development that requires a land use review is subject to the following approval process prior to construction: 

  • A pre-application letter is requested by the applicant. The applicant should send an email to the Planner of the Day with the address and proposed scope of work.  
  • The pre-application letter is drafted and issued by City staff. The pre-application letter will include an overview of the land use review process, estimated fees, any review agencies that will need to review the application, and required application submissions. 
  • A development application is submitted by the applicant. The application should be emailed as a single PDF to the Community Development administrative staff.
  • City staff determines if the application is complete. 
    • If incomplete, the applicant will receive a letter listing missing items. 
    • If complete, the applicant will receive a letter deeming the application complete, required fees, and billing process information.  
  • Applicant pays fees. 
  • The application is assigned to a case planner who reviews the development application and refers the application for review to any necessary review agencies. Additional information may be required at this time. 
  • The development application is reviewed and approved or denied by the relevant decision-making body. 
  • A development order or other entitlement document is signed and recorded. 
  • Applicant submits a building permit. Go to the building's permit process page for details regarding submission, review, and issuance of building permits.

Planning & Zoning Resources:

Looking for help regarding the land use application process or what land use reviews are required? Email the Planner of the Day with the address and proposed scope of work.  

Vacation Rental Permit

The City of Aspen has launched a new, paperless, online tax collection and business licensing system—MUNIRevs.  You must now use this system to file sales and lodging tax and to obtain a business license. 

For questions please contact Emmy Garrigus, Lodging and Commercial Core Program Manager