Planning & Zoning

About Us

Planning and Zoning Staff perform development review on projects big and small to ensure compliance with Aspen's Land Use Code. From large multifamily housing, commercial, or lodge projects, to the development of a new single family home, to the addition of a new fence or hot tub, Staff works to make sure that established community values are maintained, and possible conflicts with neighboring properties are minimized.

The City of Aspen Planning and Zoning Divisions offer general assistance on land use questions through “Planner of the Day.”  This is the best starting point for inquiries about development options for properties within the City, and land use approvals that may be required.  For questions related to building code, permit status and process, please contact the Builder of the Day.  

Planner of the Day is available through the following channels:

  • Email Planner of the Day.
  • Leave a voicemail at 970-429-2764.  Please note that this is a dedicated line for Planner of the Day, but the phone is not answered by staff.  We will respond to your voicemail message when retrieved.  
  • Walk-in to Community Development on the first floor of Aspen City Hall,  9 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday through Friday.  We encourage an introductory email or voicemail be sent first so that, ideally, an appointment can be made, and staff can do some preparatory research before your arrival.

Please refrain from submitting your inquiry multiple times or through both voicemail and email.  You should expect to receive at least an initial acknowledgment of the question, or a request for clarification within 24 hours.  A full answer to the inquiry may take extra time, depending on complexity.

Disclaimer Statement:

The information or opinions provide by the Planner of the Day or Builder of the Day services are advisory in nature only and are not binding in the City of Aspen. If applicable, the information and opinions provided are based on current zoning, which is subject to change in the future, and upon factual representations that may or may not be accurate. The opinions and information provided do not create a legal or vested right or any claim of detrimental reliance.