Organic Waste Ordinance  

In February 2023 Aspen City Council adopted a new ordinance that prohibits organic material, such as food, from disposal as landfill trash. Organics must be alternatively disposed of as compost, or donation for people or animals.  

To read the ordinance, click here. 

This ordinance has 3 phases: 

  1. October 15, 2023, all businesses with a Retail Food License in the city limits must comply. 
  2. January 15  2026, all commercial businesses and multifamily properties will comply. 
  3. January 15, 2028, every owner or occupant of a premises within the city limits will comply. 
  1. How do restaurants comply?
  2. What is prohibited from being disposed of in the trash?

1. Contact the following waste management companies to request a compost container and compost pickup service: 

2. Contact for free green Slim Jims for your kitchen and bar to separate compost.

3. Order compostable trash bags from your major food supplier. Not a requirement but can help reduce mess and odor.

4. Train your staff regarding the difference between your 3 waste sources. Contact to have city staff provide trainings in English and Spanish.

Additional Resources: 

Contact a local food rescue service to donate non-expired foods. 

Yard Waste Recycling