Risk & Safety

Risk Management

The City of Aspen is dedicated to reducing risk within the city and for our employees and to lowering preventable claims each year. On an annual basis, the city undergoes risk assessments to ensure that all public areas are safe for both citizens and employees alike. Each hazard is assessed and tended to no matter how big or small the risk may be. The Risk Generalist also participates in worksite visits to get a firsthand view of any hazards existing in workspaces that can be improved upon and help reduce accidents.

Workplace Safety

The City of Aspen is committed to empowering City Staff to take responsibility for the safety of themselves and their coworkers through accident prevention, education and awareness. Each employee participates in a number of yearly safety trainings in order to learn how to utilize best practices to avoid unsafe workplace incidents.

The City’s in-house trainings include but are not limited to: Workplace Violence Prevention, Ergonomics, Back Safety, Defensive and Ice Driving, Department Specific Safety Meetings, Fire Evacuation Training, Fire Extinguisher Training, Confined Spaces, Flagger Training and Slip and Fall Prevention. In addition, the City employs a certified American Heart Association BLS CPR instructor and is committed to training all City staff on the basics of CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillators) use. The City has 49 AEDs throughout our facilities and in our police cars.  

Worker’s Compensation

The City of Aspen has a Worker’s Compensation policy is in place to authorize claims, make claim payments, and we employ a robust return to work program. If an employee is injured on the job, we strive to get them back to health as soon as possible and back on the job that we know they love doing.

Workplace accidents can occur if safe practices are not in place. All employees are encouraged to report any conditions that can lead to a workplace accident.