Why is the cost of childcare so high and how can I get help?

Early Childhood Education is expensive to provide for many reasons; childcare is regulated by the State of Colorado and must follow rules regarding staffing ratios and group size, and teacher qualifications for example that have a direct effect on the budget. Many programs work to improve the quality of their services by lower ratios and group size, or hiring more highly qualified teacher which also costs more money. In our resort area it is very difficult to be competitive in the job market and pay a living wage to staff. Programs also have rent or building expenses. 

Financial Aid

Kids First has Financial Aid available to working families who live or work in Aspen's Urban Growth Boundary, who use licensed childcare in Pitkin County and who meet the financial qualifications. You may find that application on this site or ask your childcare provider for one. We can also refer some families to other sources of childcare assistance with different qualifications; if you need some direction email or call us at 970-920-5363.

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2. Why is the cost of childcare so high and how can I get help?
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