Electric Vehicle Charging Station 101

There are 3 different charging levels:

  • Level 1 Charging 
    • Level 1 charging is typically used at home 
    • It looks like a cord that is plugged into a wall outlet or a standard 120V outlet 
    • Approximately 5 miles/hour of charge  
  • Level 2 Charging 
    • Level 2 charging can be used at home or as a public/commercial charger 
    • This typically requires a 240V outlet which is similar to an outlet used to power an electric clothes dryer 
    • Approximately 20-60 miles/hour of charge (depending on the battery) 
  • Level 3 Charging or DCFC 
    • Level 3 charging is used as a public/commercial charger 
    • Approximately 60-100 miles per 20 minutes of charge 
    • Level 3 charging is only effective up to 80% after which the charging rate slows down to prevent battery degradation. 

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