When should I use Aspen 311 Connect?
  • Aspen 311 Connect is NOT for emergencies. For emergencies, call the police, or 911.
  • Aspen 311 Connect is for questions, requests, comments, concerns, and kudos. Anything that does not necessarily require an immediate response is great for Aspen 311 Connect. The City of Aspen has a commitment to respond promptly.
  • Aspen 311 Connect is not for all non-emergencies; Aspen Police handles some non-emergency issues. Contact the police directly for certain issues to elicit a faster response than using Aspen 311 Connect. These issues include things like:
    • Elevator alarms
    • VIN inspections
    • Trespass/burglary
  • Aspen 311 Connect is great for reaching City departments directly.

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