What are the benefits of small cell?

Small cells provide coverage and capacity, meaning how far the mobile signal reaches and how much connectivity you have on your mobile device.  Small cells may provide faster downloads as smart phones and other wireless devices have a connection to the network that can handle massive amounts of data at higher speeds.  In a place like Aspen where mountains can get in the way of phone service, the mobile networks may be more reliable.  Small cells are a particular benefit for emergency services, which can integrate new technologies like Next Generation 911 and early warning systems for natural disasters as well as have more reliable and faster service around Aspen.

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1. Can the City of Aspen prevent small cell facilities from being placed in the right of way?
2. What do small cell facilities do?
3. Why are small cell facilities needed?
4. What do small cell facilities look like?
5. Why can't small cell facilities be placed on existing lamp post, traffic signals, etc.?
6. Are there public health impacts?
7. Will my cell service be better once small cell facilities are installed?
8. Is small cell infrastructure regulated?
9. What are the pertinent new FCC rules regarding small cell infrastructure?
10. What control does Aspen have over small cell infrastructure?
11. What departments in the City of Aspen are working on small cell infrastructure?
12. What are the benefits of small cell?
13. Can the City regulate small cells based on health?
14. Has the City received any applications for small cell installation yet?