Do I need a Tent Permit?

Tent Permits are reviewed and inspected by the Aspen Fire Protection District and are required for any temporary tent, canopy or membrane structure larger than 400 square feet.

Permit Exemptions for Tents, Canopies and Membrane Structures:

  • Tents used exclusively for recreational camping purposes
  • Fabric canopies that are open on all sides and comply with the following:

    • Less than 700 square feet
    • Total area of multiple canopies together (less than 12 feet apart) is less than 700 square feet total
    • Minimum clearance of 12 feet to all structures and other tents


Tent Inspections:

Tent inspections are usually set up by the company responsible for the structure. If you do not have a tent contractor, you will need to make sure your tent structures are inspected. 


Tent inspections are scheduled through the Aspen Fire Protection District, and should be done so at least 1 week in advance of the event date. Inspections must take place before the event, but after the tent is set up.


Schedule a tent inspection with the Aspen Fire Protection District by calling 970-925-5532

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