Are there fees for obtaining an event permit?

The total cost of your Special Event application will vary based on the complexity of your event and how many additional permit applications and approvals you need.

 Special Event Permit Application Fees:

There is an application fee for Special Event permit applications. For profit organizations the fee is $145.00 and Non profit organizations the fee is $56.00. 

 Other departments and review agencies will also have fees associated with their permit applications. (e.g. parking, tent permits, alcohol license)


Surety Bonds:

Surety bonds may be required as a condition of approval with your permit application. This is done to protect the City and the community from any losses or damages caused by your event.


The bond amount the event producer may need to post, if at all, will be determined by the Special Event Review Committee. The committee takes the following things into consideration when deciding if a surety bond is necessary:

  1. Classification of the event
  2. Location of the event
  3. Use of public facilities or right of way
  4. Potential risk of the event in general

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