Drought Watch and Water Conservation 

City of Aspen Drought Mitigation and Response Plan

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The City of Aspen is under a Stage 1 Water Shortage in an effort to conserve water communitywide.  As our water supply is solely from local streams, we must all work together to conserve our precious resource.

Graphic of the U.S. Drought Monitor for Colorado reflecting June drought conditions.

What is a Stage One Drought Declaration? 

The objective of water use restrictions during this stage is a ten percent (10%) reduction in treated water use; ten percent (10%) reduction in pressurized raw water use; and, ten percent (10%) reduction in non-pressurized raw water use. Voluntary conservation is encouraged during this condition. During the period designated Stage One, the City Council, by resolution, shall adopt one (1) or more of the following additional measures which may be altered by resolution of the City Council during a Stage One condition:

(1)  There shall be potable water, pressurized raw water, and non-pressurized raw water lawn watering only to the extent determined permissible by the City Council according to the demands of the particular period in question. If no other specific schedule is adopted by City Council, an odd-even schedule shall be in effect on a voluntary basis. An "odd-even" schedule means that addresses ending in odd numbers and addresses ending in even numbers will water on alternate days, with odd numbers only irrigating on odd-numbered days and even numbers only irrigating on even-numbered days.

(2)  Public education materials shall be provided to encourage efficient use of the available water supply.

(3)  Public facilities will be directed to implement water use restrictions by administrative order, including: limiting irrigation of public parks and golf courses to an extent greater than the target reduction in overall water use; reducing street washing to minimum level necessary to comply with air quality standards and suspending fire hydrant flushing and testing except when required for completion and acceptance of a newly constructed water system.

(4)  Upon declaration of Stage One water shortage, increases in water rates for tiers three (3) and four (4), (Sections 25.16.010 and 25.16.020 and 25.16.021), shall be imposed as mandated by the City of Aspen City Manager up to the maximum rates defined in Section 25.28.040.

Entire City of Aspen Water Shortage Code Information

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