Online Search

Customized Records Searches

You may also browse or search all public documents.

If you want to search use the Customize Search drop down to specify the type of search from the list of available searches below:

Text Search

This feature searches text within documents. Select Text from drop down list. Fill in a word or phrase to search. You can narrow your search by using the "And," "Or" or other options, to further refine the search.

Field Search

This feature searches index information about a document, such as owner, date or address. Select Field search from drop down list. Search multiple fields to narrow your search (i.e. address and owner). Click "Search."

Field & Text

This feature searches Fields and Text within same search. Select Text and Field from drop down list. Follow instructions above.

Download & Print

Documents must be downloaded to print in their entirety. Select the document you wish to view. If the document does not automatically open in Adobe Acrobat/Reader: Click the icon with the Print to PDF icon or Click the Adobe icon (if available).