Purchasing is responsible for the daily operations of the organization in efforts to procure goods and services for the City at the best value and in alignment with the City's values of environmental and financial stewardship.  Procurement staff engage its external and internal customers to link City departments with external vendors and help facilitate an organized and successful procurement process, guided by the City's procurement regulations, published under Title 4 of the City's Municipal Code.

Bidding on City Work

The City of Aspen only uses Bidnet Direct to publish invitations to bid, requests for proposal or qualifications and other solicitations. Bidnet Direct is a supplier notification system that is utilized by hundreds of government agencies in the State of Colorado.  By using this system, the City ensures that complete and timely documentation is submitted and posted for all interested parties.  For more information about how to register as a user of Bidnet Direct, please click here to be taken to its website.  If you have questions or need assistance in registering for this free service, please call the support line at 1-800-835-4603.

City of Aspen's Open and Closed Solicitations are posted here.

Surplus Property

The City of Aspen disposes of surplus supplies and property through an online government auction website called Public Surplus.  You can take part as a bidder in the auctioning of these goods by navigating to this site using the link provided here.  You will need to register to become a buyer.

Published Contract Conditions

The City has some common conditions for potential bidders / awardees to be aware of:

Questions Regarding the City's Procurement Processes?

Please reach out to our staff for support!  Staff are available to assist with questions around the details of City bidding processes and our various platforms for solicitation of goods/services and in the sale of City property.  Staff can be reached best via email at Procurement@aspen.gov.