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Connect with the City of Aspen with our free app, Aspen 311 Connect!

Download the app for Apple or Android in the App Store and Google Play to connect with us and submit requests, concerns, questions, and kudos through the convenience of your mobile device

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What is Aspen 311 Connect? 

Aspen 311 Connect is a customer service platform that allows community members to request assistance with city services and information. Do you have a concern, request, question, or kudos you’d like to send to us? Submit it through the Aspen 311 Connect app on your mobile device, or online.

Why should I download and use the app?

Built for use on your phone, the mobile app will allow you to easily connect with your local government right where you are - whether that is at a desk or on the go.

When should I use Aspen 311 Connect?

  • Aspen 311 Connect is NOT for emergencies. For emergencies, call the police, or 911.
  • Aspen 311 Connect is for questions, requests, comments, concerns, and kudos. Anything that does not necessarily require an immediate response is great for Aspen 311 Connect. The City of Aspen has made a commitment to respond promptly.
  • Aspen 311 Connect is not for all non-emergencies; Aspen Police handle some non-emergency issues. Contacting the police directly for certain issues will elicit a faster response than using Aspen 311 Connect, including issues like:
    • Elevator alarms
    • VIN inspections
    • Trespass/burglary
  • Aspen 311 Connect is great for reaching other City departments directly.

Can I call 311 on my phone to reach Aspen 311 Connect?

Currently, the City of Aspen is working through the requirements to offer this service. We hope to have the approvals needed to provide 311 phone routing later this year. Please check back for more information on developments.

Find more information about when to use Aspen 311 Connect.