Finance and Purchasing


427 Rio Grande Pl
2nd Floor
Aspen, CO 81611



Link: Finance Department Page

For all tax and business licensing questions email Aspen Sales Tax

For all purchasing questions email Procurement. 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Angelov, Dimitar Accountant 970-920-5028  
Vojdani, Asal Procurement Officer 970-920-5408  
Coffee, JoAnna Procurement Technician 970-920-5028  
Duplantier, Roseann Payroll Specialist 970-429-1739  
Gucwa, Damian Senior Accountant 970-920-5034  
Pergande, Don Senior Budget Officer 970-920-5262  
Rogo, Kathy Utility Billing Tech / Cashier 970-920-5036  
Chuluun, Misheel Budget Officer 970-920-5023  
Strecker, Pete Director of Finance 970-920-5007  
Fuentes, Kate Accounting Manager 970-920-5252  
Salib, Bebo Sales Tax Tech 970-920-5043  
Sexton, Tyler Controller 970-920-5044  
Grau, Matt Budget Manager 970-920-5027  
Wenthur, Nick Tax Auditor 970-920-5035  
Dodge, Else Accounts Payable / Accounting Technician 970.920.5115  
Dodge, Hannah Administrative Specialist 970-920-5113  
Stoltman, Tyler Sales Tax Technician 970-920-5006