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1. Is my property considered a “lodge”?
2. My property is in the “L” Zone. Does this mean I’m eligible for a Lodging Exempt Permit?
3. How can I determine which permit I can apply for?
4. I believe there is an STR in violation of the new ordinance regulations. What can I do?
5. Are property managers required to have a business license if they are the Qualified Owner’s Representative (QOR)?
6. What is the process to name a 3rd party management company for a 2021-2022 permit?
7. When will I know if I can get a new Classic permit in a capped zone?
8. Do I have to hire a qualified owner’s representative?
9. Can a real estate broker, acting as the Qualified Owner’s Representative, use the real estate company’s business license?
10. Can lessees of a property obtain a STR permit?
11. Where is the wildlife protection policy?
12. What does it mean to display permits/business license/in-unit messaging in a conspicuous location?
13. How do I display my permit number in 3rd party advertising?
14. What type of business license do I need?
15. Do I need an STR permit for my timeshare property?
16. How do I know if a property has a current STR permit?
17. I’m moving to a new address. Can I take my current 2021-2022 STR permit with me?
18. How do I determine which zone district my property is located in?
19. How do I know if STRs are permitted in my zone district?
20. Do I need an STR permit in Pitkin County in addition to my City of Aspen permit?
21. Can I apply for a permit using my LLC or Trust name?
22. Can I change the permittee name from one person to another in the same LLC or trust?
23. What is the Public Notice Process and how do I complete it?
24. How do I know which supplemental documents I need to submit with my permit application?
25. I have an STR permit for my property but it’s not showing on the STR Eligibility Map. Should I be concerned?
26. I want to rent my unit for more than 30 days at a time. Do I need an STR permit?
27. Why did I receive a public notice?