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COA Permitting System - Salesforce

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    Resources and instructions for permit applications

Community Development - Contractor Licensing and Certifications

  1. Pitkin County & City of Aspen Licensed Contractors

    List of current contractors with an active building license

  2. Historic Preservation Examinees

    List of contractors with an active historic preservation certification.

  3. Obtain a Business License

    Instructions on how to obtain a business license in the City of Aspen

Community Relations

  1. Emergency Alerts

  2. City Council

Construction Mitigation Planning (CMP)

  1. Active Building Permit Sites With CMPs

Engineering - Developmental Standards

  1. Active Building Permit Sites

Engineering - Helpful Links

  1. Plat Archive Database

Engineering - Permits

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Engineering - Stormwater Development

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Environmental Health - ZGreen News

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  1. State of Colorado

Housing for Workforce

  1. Housing Website

Planning & Zoning Useful Documents

  1. City of Aspen Planning and Zoning GIS

Police - Archived Annual Reviews

  1. 2006-2010

Providers - Director and Teacher Licensing Information

  1. Link to Director Licensing Information

  2. Link to Early Childhood Teacher Information