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Annual Alarms System Permit Registration - ACH

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  2. Emergency Alarm Systems Permit Renewal and Application Form (ACH Payment Only)

    New this year, the Police Department can accept online payments for Intrusion Alarm Permits. In order to complete an online payment please go to sign in or create an account and sign in now, before completing your application form. Please note, only properties residing within Aspen City limits need an alarm permit.

    Please review the application notice you received in your email or regular mail for accuracy, then select one of the four options below to proceed.
  4. Type of Submission
    * Property Managers submitting on behalf of their clients
  5. The permit number is located on the notice you received from the Aspen Police Dept. In the event you cannot locate your permit number call the Aspen Police Department at 970-920-5400.
  6. Type of Permit:*
  7. On-Site Surveillance System *
    Does this address have an installed video surveillance system of any type?

  9. Instructions
    For individual residents who utilize a third-party property manager please fill out this section. For property managers completing this form, this section is required.

    *****Please ensure that your alarm company has your permit number on file. Your alarm company must provide dispatch with an alarm permit number in order to receive Police response to an alarm.

    Please provide additional contact information if the primary contact is not the property/business owner. This will be used in the event of an emergency or alarm activation.
  12. (if applicable)
  13. If applicable
  15. I agree to pay all fees and fines that may result from operation of this alarm system, until such time that I notify the Aspen Police Department (APD) that the system has been removed or deactivated, or that I have relocated. In addition, I agree to notify the APD of any alarm company changes, within 10 days of such change, by submitting a Modification Form online.
  16. Please mark the provided box indicating you accept the above stated conditions: *
    Each permit must be submitted and paid for separately.
  18. Pay Permit Fee via ACH
  19. Please scroll down, and hit the Calculate Totals button to see your total fee before you pay. Then hit Proceed to Checkout to pay your fee.

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