Who qualifies for the Food Sales Tax Refund?

A qualified applicant is required to:

✓ Submit the Food Sales Tax Refund application by deadline of 5pm April 18, 2023

✓ Have resided within the Aspen city limits for the full 2022 year (1/1/22-12/31/22)

✓ Have been registered to vote in the City of Aspen the full 2022 year (1/1/22-12/31/22)

✓ Be able to prove residency within Aspen city limits for 2022 and if still living within the City, ensure your current address is the same as your registered voter address. 

For persons barred from registering to vote, i.e. have a felony conviction or are non-citizens, residency within the City of Aspen for the full 2022 year will need to be proved. Non-citizens must provide a copy of their US Permanent Residency Card (i.e. Green Card) or valid work visa.

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1. What is a Food Sales Tax Refund?
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3. Who qualifies for the Food Sales Tax Refund?
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5. What are acceptable proof of address documents? How do I demonstrate my address in January and/or December?
6. How do I check and/or update my registered voter address and provide proof I have updated it?
7. Which dependents qualify?
8. How do I file and when is the deadline?
9. How do I know if my application was successful? When will I receive my refund check?