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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Beal, Jon Water Resources & Hydroelectric Supervisor 970-429-1998  
Bailey, Chuck Water Treatment Supervisor 970-429-1976  
Barber, Andy Instrumentation & Controls Technician 970-920-5110  
Childress, Charlie Hydro Electric Operations Specialist 970-429-1998  
Christoff, Tyler Director of Utilities 970-920-5118  
Evans, Jeffrey Water Services Technician I 970-429-1984  
Ferguson, Mary Administrative Specialist 970-429-1977  
Forman, Justin Operations Manager 970-429-1992  
Gordon, Michael Lead Water Distribution Operator IV 970-429-1989  
Gregor, Robert Management Analyst II 970-429-1993  
Hensel, Ryan GIS Analyst 970-429-1980  
Hilgeford, Kevin Pump Station Operations Specialist 970-429-1982  
Hunter, Steve Utilities Resource Manager 970-429-1983  
Kline, Kyle Water Distribution Supervisor/ORC 970-429-1985  
Langford, Cole Business Services Manager 970-920-5002  
Ledesma, Lee Utilities Finance and Administrative Manager 970-429-1975  
Loebach, Ryan Utilities Senior Project Manager 970-429-1986  
Loughlin, Erin Project Manager II 1-970-429-1996  
Magill, Rick Water Efficient Landscape Plans Review Technician 970-309-2517  
McConnell, Karen Administrative Specialist 970-429-1971  
Overeynder, Phil Utilities Engineer Special Projects 970-920-5111  
Pope, Geoff Water Distribution Operator I 970-920-5114  
Ronay-Totten, Alek Water Services Technician I 970-429-1997  
Rossello, Andy Utilities Engineer 970-429-1999  
Slattery, Brian Water Treatment Plant Operator A 970-429-1981  
Smoke, Dan Water Distribution Operator II 970-429-1984  
Torres, Endy Utility Maintenance Tech II 970-429-1987  
Webber, Mark Water Treatment Operator A 970-920-1988  
Wester, Keith Water Meter Supervisor 970-429-1995