Code Enforcement Policy


The enforcement of City Code is found within Title 2: Administration of the Municipal Code (PDF).

In summary, the code states that enforcement staff will utilize a progressive method of code enforcement. A summary of progressive steps that staff is able to take is listed below.

Progressive Enforcement Policy Summary

  1. Contact and Request
    Essentially, this step is a polite request for an owner and/or a business to comply with City regulations
    This can be done through formal means, but it is an informal request to correct an action
  2. Initial Violation
    This is a formal verbal warning, and sets the request for corrective action within a certain time frame
    Once that time frame is expired, the next step of the enforcement code is warranted
  3. Written Notice
    In this step, after failure to comply with a verbal warning, the violator will be given a written notice of violation
    Typically, these include stop work orders and corrective notices
    These essentially require you to close or stop work until the action is corrected
  4. Summons to Municipal Court
    If the violator refuses to correct the action, the violator is then summoned to court for prosecution
  5. Relief Action within Civil Court
    If warranted, the City can also press charges within Civil Court