The Climate Action Office offers energy efficiency programs that help you lower your utility bills, improve the comfort and safety of your home or business, and reduce negative environmental impacts. 

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Save energy & money in your home:

  • Schedule a home energy assessment online or call our partners, the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) at 970-925-9775.

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Aspen Electric

The City of Aspen electric system uses 100% renewable energy (46% hydroelectric, 53% wind power, 1% landfill gas).

By showing the economic viability of renewable energy integration, we hope this model will be adapted worldwide. Visit the Utility's Renewable Energy page to learn more. 


  • View the Local Contractor List. The City of Aspen is unaffiliated with these individuals and businesses. We offer CORE's list of Roaring Fork Valley contractors as a courtesy. Please be sure to do your own research to make certain that these professionals meet your standards. 
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