Resubmit an Application

During the application resubmittal meeting, the intake staff will review your application to determine if all required materials appear to be included. This is a completeness check to verify that the application is ready for technical review, not a compliance check.

Intake staff may also invite plans reviewers to the meeting to verify whether your resubmittal is compliant. If plans review staff attend the resubmittal meeting, they may be able to sign-off immediately, assuming all issues were adequately addressed in the resubmitted application.

Complete Resubmittals

If your resubmittal appears to be complete, intake staff will accept your resubmission. Unless all review staff signed off during the resubmittal meeting, the permit coordinator will add your resubmittal to the work queue of the technical review staff of all relevant review agencies.

Incomplete Resubmittals

If your resubmittal is incomplete, it will not be accepted. Instead, intake staff will:

  • Provide you with a written list of the additional materials you need to provide
  • Return any incomplete paper application materials to you.
  • Require you to reschedule a resubmittal appointment after your application is complete

Project Changes

If you change your project substantially after your application is submitted, you may need to file a change order or submit a new application.