Approval Process of Applications With Sign Offs

Submit Your Application

You can submit an application both in person and online on our Business License application page.

Review of Your Business License Application

After the City receives your application, staff approval is required before your business license will be issued. Staff will be checking to see if:

  • The application is complete (Finance staff)
  • The appropriate business occupation tax has been included with the application (Finance staff)
  • The business needs a sign permit (Zoning staff)
  • The business meets city zoning requirements (Zoning staff)
  • The business needs a building permit or other construction-related permit (Building staff)
  • The business needs a restaurant license (Environmental Health staff)

During this time period, city staff may contact you to gather more information about your business. This review time can be a short as one or two business days if your application is complete and you do not have additional city requirements to meet. All departments involved in the review of your application must sign-off for the license to be issued.

Other Requirements to Open Your Business

Check Step 3 in our approval steps to see if it appears you are compliant with the zoning code, and to gauge whether there are additional approvals you need in order to be able to open your business. Checking this information before you submit your application will help you know what to expect and help you quickly identify and address all the requirements your business will need to meet.

Online Information

Contact Information

  • Contact the Planner of the Day at 970-429-2764 regarding zoning questions
  • Contact the Permit Coordinators at 970-920-5090 for building questions
  • Environmental Health staff at 970-920-5075 regarding questions about restaurant openings or changes in ownership.

Get a Copy of Your Approved Business License

After review of your application, a paper copy will be mailed to you - which should be posted in your place of business.

  • If your business has triggered additional city licensing or permit requirements, you may need to meet those requirements before you open your business.
  • If you are out of compliance with certain zoning requirements, your business may need to be relocated elsewhere in order to open.