Determine If You Need a License

Make Sure You Have the Right Licenses

Businesses interested in construction work should be aware that several licenses,registrations and tests are needed, including business licenses and contractor licenses or registrations. In addition, certain requirements apply specifically to homeowner / builders.

Business License Requirements

All businesses doing work within the City need a current business license. This includes businesses that are not physically located within the City, but which perform work within the City. This license must be renewed annually.

To learn how to obtain a business license, please go to our Start or Manage Your Business page.

Contractor License and Registration Requirements

The purpose of a contractor’s license is to provide an opportunity to contract for any type of construction and occupancy group as permitted by the International Building Code.

You must have a business license to obtain a contractor's license.

You can find all the information you need to know about the requirements and obtaining a contractor's license on the Contractor Licensing Guide page.

Homeowner / Builder Requirements

Homeowner / Builders are individuals personally engaged in the construction of a single-family residence or accessory building for his or her own use.

Homeowner / Builders are exempt from the requirements to have a business license and a contractor license, but must comply with Requirements for Homeowner / Builders before applying for building permits.

Special Inspectors & Approved Fabricators

Beginning in 2014, special inspectors and fabricators will need to register with the Community Development department.

More Information

Please contact the Permit Coordinator for more information.