Oil leak from an older carChemicals & Metals Shed From Vehicles

Vehicles are a large source of many pollutants within stormwater. Oil, Antifreeze, and other fluids leaking out of cars onto pavement become major hazards for our water bodies. Even more, copper and other common heavy metal dust are produced during normal automobile use. These fine particulates settled onto paved surfaces and add to the vehicular impact. In Aspen, mud and salt from winter operations are a serious threat to the Rivers and Lakes. These pollutants not only damage the underbelly of your automobile, they combine with other engine discharges and pollutants to form harmful compounds that are even more detrimental to our aquatic ecosystems.

Maintenance Recommendations

Make sure to regularly maintain your automobile, especially in the winter. When washing your vehicle make sure to do so in designated areas where washing water will travel to a sanitary sewer rather than a storm drain or swale. Washing your automobile over grass or gravel is another great way to promote infiltration and prevent runoff.